Selfmade Pizza

Mum and I decided to make pizza today! That pizza was made out from spelt flour. We bought it from ‚Bauckhof‘ seriously I don’t know where to buy it in other countries but I’m totally sure you’ll find it! It was already done so the only thing we had to do was to make a special topic for each of us and I decided to put tomato sauce, putting a mozzarella piece on top which I cut into pieces after that I cut the tomatoes and a few different arts of cheese like edammer, gouda and tilsit cheese. The last one depends on you. After the pizza was in the stove for 12 minutes I put a little bit of basil and salt, so it would taste better. It already did, but I love salt! 

I bet your getting hungry right now, am I right? 

xx Anastasia




Every day, SALE day!

Online Shopping is a girl thing, right?
Yeah it is! This post is about where you could buy the clothes you see on the street, at the supermarket, wherever you go and it’s going right into your closet. Does that sound good
or what? Yeah I know it does. 9 of the most sweet things to create a completely new closet.
Sweet, sexy or cozy all you wanted to be with only a few clicks. I thought about what it would be to have that much money you can buy everything you want to, but it’s allmost Christmas that does mean that you can buy anything you want to! Guys it’s the most beautiful time of the year and… it’s SALE everywhere. Just check it out and let me know if you found something which fits in.

I’m gonna make my christmas shopping too!

1. Barneys…

Yeah Barneys may be expensive but that’s what we girls deserve.. Sometimes. Not everyday but you should at least once a year spend a little christmas present to yourself.

2. New Look

New Look is a Women’s clothing line where the most of new arrivals are in jeans. There are all sizes and plus size! If you want to find something cute for Christmas, go on now. It’ll be there on Christmas Night so you could where something cute and sweet.

3. Zara

Damn! Zara, I love Zara! Who doesn’t? Zara is classy and sweet at the same time. I’m in love with there clothes. There nude colours and the long dresses which you can connect with their stilletos and feel like being Kylie Jenner feels damn good!

4. Topshop

Every day up to date!

5. Asos

Can’t explain why… Have a look, it’s totally worth it! SAAALE!

6. H&M

Just classy. We all use h&m. It’s about the basics you can buy! I think that h&m lost a lot of sense for making a good season. A lot of quality is gone and they are not up to date, if they want to be back at the top, one way they should change the style or bringing the prices down.

7.Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret just started because a single man wanted to go shopping for his wife and not being watched out by others… It worked but now you have to deal with girls in high heels, supermodels and the biggest festivites for only one show! Every girls bestfriend!

8.Wildfox Couture

Wildfox clothes are inspired by vintage t-shirts. They use big graphics on their shirts, something you won’t see everywhere. I decided that the money you pay for it. For every single piece is totally worth it!


Here you can find the most perfect bags for every time of the year. No matter what for. Bild

What it’s all about

The good think about owning a blog is the ability that everyone who feels connected to you will come back just to figure out if you still write about the themes they’re interested in like you are.
I was looking through tumblr and instagram trying to promote my blog but then I took a second and thought about it and it was clear. Only if you want to know what other people think and only if you feel connected to them you gonna try to be as near to them as you can. Right here nobody cares why you feel connected or how you came here or how many people are reading this because it’s another community where a girl let her mind talk in the world wide web. But maybe only these few people who feel connected to you are those people who understands you no matter what. Of course every blogger, me too would be happy if you would be that faszinated that you tell your friends or sisters or anyone you want to but you’re free so do whatever you want! I’m happy that at least you find your way!

Ps: I decided to make a plan for this blog. I thought about it a lot yesterday night and now I’m sure that I want it to be like that. I want every day to have s different theme except of sunday. I want sunday to be my day of surprise. So you don’t know what I’m going to write about.

Monday is going to be about school/work/life, because as we all know after weekend it’s even more harder to wake up in the morning!
Tuesday is going to be about clothes and bags and style requests! In January it will mostly be about the Berlin Fashion Week!
Wednesday is going to be about food, baking and sweets and how to make a dinner in less than 30 minutes. I haven’t try it yet, but now I will!
Thursday is going to be about celebrities. Every Thursday another one. You can comment which one it should be about!
Friday, I bet it could be something about party, starting the weekend right and what to do!
Saturday will probably be about thoughts I collected over the week…and I maybe could analyse them. Well the most important things for all of us not why I had eggs for breakfast….
And Sunday as I told you, well surprise yourself! It’s like having a little christmas every Sunday and I’m pretty excited about all of this will work out!

I hope the plan sounds good to all of you!

xx Anastasia

Christmas Time

Christmas Time ist about love and feeling connected to the people you love and that’s how I feel every 24th of December. We all might have histories which are connected to a few christmas songs, but since I decided to make a top 10 Christmas Songs Chartlist. I wanted it to feel special, because it’s the most special time of the year. There coming lovestories or storys about friendships or family you never thought they could happen and that it did happened is not going to leave you, never. I had a story to ‚All I want for christmas is you‘ and it’s still crosing my mind just because this one guy still thinks that it’s the best idea let this song tell the story all over again. Think about laying in you bed, listening to music and chatting with the boy of your dreams, it’s cold outside so your drinking a tea and then you forget about everything and you just send him this one song and it’s changes the whole night! Maybe every Christmas time. How amazing… Yeah, for at least a few minutes and then there starts the discussion about ‚How?‘ ‚Why?‘ ‚Because…‘ Maybe…‘ How you could be his christmas girl or Why it needs to be now? Why I haven’t coming up with that story a long time ago. Because we are just friends, best friends. Maybe one day he, me, we could make it happen. Just like they do in the movies…Everything you just wanted to forget and then it’s the 24th and you wish him a ‚Merry Christmas‘ but the reality is that you just wish him to be here. Next to you, drinking tea and listening to all this ‚girly songs‘ but he isn’t, because outch… He is just your best friend and as all we might know it’s impossible to be in a relationship with your best friend… Or maybe not? Think about it, this one goes out to every single female or male who is in love with his best friend and I bet I’m not the only one…
What was the best or worst Christmas ever?

xx Anastasia

This is my personal Ranking :

1.All I Want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey)

2.Last Christmas (George Michael & Wham)

3.Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow (Dean Martin)

4.Santa Claus is Coming to Town (The Crystals)

5.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Frank Sinatra)

6.Jingle Bell Rock (Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell)

7.Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer (Gene Autry)

8.Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt)

9.Mistletoe (Justin Bieber)

10.White Christmas (Bing Crosby)

Start the Blog right


my name is Anastasia and I’m a 17 year old teenager who enjoyed writing on her laptop for a long time before she decided to get her own blog. Maybe some of 7 billion people in the world might be interested in reading my blog. Maybe you’re one of them and if it’s so then I like to welcome you on ‚fazhionimperium‘ . Well the name might sound like it’s only about fashion but it’s not. I love food and christmas. Two things you should know about me. It’s christmas time maybe the best time to start a blog, so you have a lot to write about. Of course I want my blog to be popular, which blogger doesn’t want that? But I’m focusing on realistic things! I would start with one or two readers and they might tell there friends about it. You will definitely get to know me better after a while and I hope my english will get better too! I truly was a little bit nervous before starting writing I thought you will never ever find something to write about but I just getting started and I have tones of themes to write about!Bild


So this was my first entry and I’m just tipping it with the smile on my face….So welcome to ‚FazhionImperium‘ where it’s not only about fashion! 


xoxo Anastasia