Start the Blog right


my name is Anastasia and I’m a 17 year old teenager who enjoyed writing on her laptop for a long time before she decided to get her own blog. Maybe some of 7 billion people in the world might be interested in reading my blog. Maybe you’re one of them and if it’s so then I like to welcome you on ‚fazhionimperium‘ . Well the name might sound like it’s only about fashion but it’s not. I love food and christmas. Two things you should know about me. It’s christmas time maybe the best time to start a blog, so you have a lot to write about. Of course I want my blog to be popular, which blogger doesn’t want that? But I’m focusing on realistic things! I would start with one or two readers and they might tell there friends about it. You will definitely get to know me better after a while and I hope my english will get better too! I truly was a little bit nervous before starting writing I thought you will never ever find something to write about but I just getting started and I have tones of themes to write about!Bild


So this was my first entry and I’m just tipping it with the smile on my face….So welcome to ‚FazhionImperium‘ where it’s not only about fashion! 


xoxo Anastasia 


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