Every day, SALE day!

Online Shopping is a girl thing, right?
Yeah it is! This post is about where you could buy the clothes you see on the street, at the supermarket, wherever you go and it’s going right into your closet. Does that sound good
or what? Yeah I know it does. 9 of the most sweet things to create a completely new closet.
Sweet, sexy or cozy all you wanted to be with only a few clicks. I thought about what it would be to have that much money you can buy everything you want to, but it’s allmost Christmas that does mean that you can buy anything you want to! Guys it’s the most beautiful time of the year and… it’s SALE everywhere. Just check it out and let me know if you found something which fits in.

I’m gonna make my christmas shopping too!

1. Barneys…

Yeah Barneys may be expensive but that’s what we girls deserve.. Sometimes. Not everyday but you should at least once a year spend a little christmas present to yourself.

2. New Look

New Look is a Women’s clothing line where the most of new arrivals are in jeans. There are all sizes and plus size! If you want to find something cute for Christmas, go on now. It’ll be there on Christmas Night so you could where something cute and sweet.

3. Zara

Damn! Zara, I love Zara! Who doesn’t? Zara is classy and sweet at the same time. I’m in love with there clothes. There nude colours and the long dresses which you can connect with their stilletos and feel like being Kylie Jenner feels damn good!

4. Topshop

Every day up to date!

5. Asos

Can’t explain why… Have a look, it’s totally worth it! SAAALE!

6. H&M

Just classy. We all use h&m. It’s about the basics you can buy! I think that h&m lost a lot of sense for making a good season. A lot of quality is gone and they are not up to date, if they want to be back at the top, one way they should change the style or bringing the prices down.

7.Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret just started because a single man wanted to go shopping for his wife and not being watched out by others… It worked but now you have to deal with girls in high heels, supermodels and the biggest festivites for only one show! Every girls bestfriend!

8.Wildfox Couture

Wildfox clothes are inspired by vintage t-shirts. They use big graphics on their shirts, something you won’t see everywhere. I decided that the money you pay for it. For every single piece is totally worth it!


Here you can find the most perfect bags for every time of the year. No matter what for. Bild


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