What it’s all about

The good think about owning a blog is the ability that everyone who feels connected to you will come back just to figure out if you still write about the themes they’re interested in like you are.
I was looking through tumblr and instagram trying to promote my blog but then I took a second and thought about it and it was clear. Only if you want to know what other people think and only if you feel connected to them you gonna try to be as near to them as you can. Right here nobody cares why you feel connected or how you came here or how many people are reading this because it’s another community where a girl let her mind talk in the world wide web. But maybe only these few people who feel connected to you are those people who understands you no matter what. Of course every blogger, me too would be happy if you would be that faszinated that you tell your friends or sisters or anyone you want to but you’re free so do whatever you want! I’m happy that at least you find your way!

Ps: I decided to make a plan for this blog. I thought about it a lot yesterday night and now I’m sure that I want it to be like that. I want every day to have s different theme except of sunday. I want sunday to be my day of surprise. So you don’t know what I’m going to write about.

Monday is going to be about school/work/life, because as we all know after weekend it’s even more harder to wake up in the morning!
Tuesday is going to be about clothes and bags and style requests! In January it will mostly be about the Berlin Fashion Week!
Wednesday is going to be about food, baking and sweets and how to make a dinner in less than 30 minutes. I haven’t try it yet, but now I will!
Thursday is going to be about celebrities. Every Thursday another one. You can comment which one it should be about!
Friday, I bet it could be something about party, starting the weekend right and what to do!
Saturday will probably be about thoughts I collected over the week…and I maybe could analyse them. Well the most important things for all of us not why I had eggs for breakfast….
And Sunday as I told you, well surprise yourself! It’s like having a little christmas every Sunday and I’m pretty excited about all of this will work out!

I hope the plan sounds good to all of you!

xx Anastasia


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