Selfmade Pizza

Mum and I decided to make pizza today! That pizza was made out from spelt flour. We bought it from ‚Bauckhof‘ seriously I don’t know where to buy it in other countries but I’m totally sure you’ll find it! It was already done so the only thing we had to do was to make a special topic for each of us and I decided to put tomato sauce, putting a mozzarella piece on top which I cut into pieces after that I cut the tomatoes and a few different arts of cheese like edammer, gouda and tilsit cheese. The last one depends on you. After the pizza was in the stove for 12 minutes I put a little bit of basil and salt, so it would taste better. It already did, but I love salt! 

I bet your getting hungry right now, am I right? 

xx Anastasia




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